I am uncomfortable with the amount of straight up copying and pasting that's happening on this wiki. One of the great things about a wiki is the ability to link outside of itself when information is necessary. If we really want to have that information available we can easily just make external links.

Most of all, it seems like non-original content is being dumped into this wiki for no discernible purpose. For example:

  • The Filming Locations page should be a list of links, but instead it's just copied-and-pasted text that serves no purpose.
  • The Avenue Of The Stars page is improperly formatted for the wiki and because it's copied from a place that doesn't recognize the movies (unlike this wiki) it omits the most important reference to the location.
  • The Charlie's Angels Pilot Movie not only doesn't conform to the format used for episodes, it renders redundant an original page. (Granted, the original page is rather sparse, but that just means that it should be fleshed out rather than ignored in favour of dumping in someone else's work on a whole new page.)

I'd start fixing things and getting rid of unattributed, unsourced duplicates of pages created for other sites, but I've been locked out of many pages without being told why. I assume I'm somehow in disfavour with wiki administration, in spite of my work on this site. Now that new episodes are being released I expect that traffic will increase, but I'm worried that if only those people smiled upon by the site bosses are permitted to contribute then we won't see the site prosper the way that it could. Surely one of the great strengths of a wiki over a standard web site is the ability to collaborate.

What I'd like to see is a change so that everyone is allowed to edit the wiki pages again, and unattributed copies either sourced or deleted. The site is a lot prettier than it used to be, but I'm not sure it's more useful. Tbug 21:17, September 22, 2011 (UTC)

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