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  • Tbug


    September 23, 2011 by Tbug

    The new series seems a lot darker than the old series. Sure, Kelly goes through heroin withdrawl once, but in Angel with a Broken Wing we have the murder of an Angel and child slavery. The interrogation scene wouldn't have fit in the classic series either, I don't think. So what I'm wondering is whether this is just something for the pilot or if all of the new episodes are going to be dark and gritty.

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  • Tbug


    September 22, 2011 by Tbug

    I am uncomfortable with the amount of straight up copying and pasting that's happening on this wiki. One of the great things about a wiki is the ability to link outside of itself when information is necessary. If we really want to have that information available we can easily just make external links.

    Most of all, it seems like non-original content is being dumped into this wiki for no discernible purpose. For example:

    • The Filming Locations page should be a list of links, but instead it's just copied-and-pasted text that serves no purpose.
    • The Avenue Of The Stars page is improperly formatted for the wiki and because it's copied from a place that doesn't recognize the movies (unlike this wiki) it omits the most important reference to the locatiā€¦
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