• Ian678

    1. Van Halen songs: Beautiful Girls / You Really Got Me / Oh, Pretty Woman

    2. Allanah Myles: Black Velvet

    3. Apollo 440: Charlie's Angels 2000

    4. Def Leppard: Pour Some Sugar On Me (maybe)

    5. Madonna: 4 Minutes to save the world / Angel

    6. Destiny's Child: Independent Women

    7. Rod Stewart: Infatuation

    8. Joan Jett: Bad Reputation

    9. John Barry: String quartet intro from You Only Live Twice

    10. Space: Avenging Angels

    11. Paul McCartney: Spies Like Us

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  • Ian678

    Found this from a few months a go. So happy. So who do you think will be perfect for this film as the new Angels and why and who do you want to see as Charlie?. Personally I think George Clooney should be Charlie.

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