Maxwell Petroni AKA Leo is a supporting character in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle portrated by Shia LaBeouf.

Maxwell Petroni
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First appearance Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
Last appearance Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
Portrayed by Shia LaBeouf
Gender Male
Occupation Coal Bowl Contestant,

O'Grady Target, Randy Emmers Target

Relatives Unnamed Deceased Mother,

Unnamed Deceased Father, John Bosley (brother), Jimmy Bosley (brother)

Max is an orphan, and lived at the same orphanage the Thin Man lived at. His parents were murdered by the O'Grady mob, and he testified against them. He then became a part of the Witness Protection Program and was given a new name and was relocated. His information was on the H.A.L.O. rings.

Max was to be killed by hired assassin Randy Emmers at the Coal Bowl Motorcycle Racing Competition in San Francisco. He was saved by Angels Natalie Cook, Alex Munday, and Dylan Sanders, as well as the Thin Man. It is later assumed that the Thin Man was protecting Max.

The Thin Man was wearing a chain around his neck, which Dylan had ripped off while he ripped a chunk of her hair. Max later identified the chain while showing that he had one as well, saying that it was given to him by the nuns at the orphanage he used to live in.

He is adopted by the Bosley family by the end of the film.

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