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Julie Rogers
First appearance Angel in Hiding
Last appearance Let Our Angel Live
Portrayed by Tanya Roberts
Gender female
Occupation private investigator


Julie was born in New York and raised in a tough neighbourhood. Her father left when Julie was too young to remember.[1]

Julie was arrested a couple of times as a teenager, for (in Charlie's words) "minor things: a couple of street scuffles, disturbing the peace."[2]

When she was 24, Julie was arrested for shoplifting a dress and sentenced to six months at the Sybil Brand Correctional Facility.[3]

Julie graduated from "a top school for models".[4]

Before being hired by the Townsend Agency, Julie lived with Jody Mills. Julie said that Jody usually told her everything, even though they rarely saw each other.[5]

Julie's mother died of acute alcoholism two years before she started working at the Townsend Agency.[6]

Covers and Techniques

Before she worked at the Townsend Agency she drove a silver sedan.[7]

Julie was on the cover of Elite Magazine.[8]

She knew how to scuba dive.[9]

Fellow Angels

Julie worked alongside Kelly and Kris.

During her second episode, when Kris was kidnapped, Julie had this to say: "A few days ago I was alone, then all of a sudden we're here together, and now I'm... I'm being torn up inside about a girl I hardly even know."[10]

Memorable Quotes

Model: Hi Julie!
Julie: Hi.
Model: Wanna learn how to cook in a microwave?
Julie: I'm not into cooking.
Model: Oh! How are you gonna feed your husband when you get married?
Julie: I'll send out.
Model: Now he'll get tired of that.
Julie: So much for the marriage![11]


Julie Rogers appeared in every episode of season five of the original series.