John Bosley
First appearance Angel with a Broken Wing
Last appearance Untitled Episode
Portrayed by Ramón Rodríguez
Gender Male
Occupation Connector of Charles Townsend
"You know why Charlie calls them "Angels"? Because they show up when you need them the most."


Bosley was headed for a twenty-year sentence for tax fraud when Charlie got him out of it.

Covers and TechniquesEdit

Bosley is skilled with computers. He can track someone else's cell phone via its GPS. He can do this with sufficient accuracy to identify a specific hotel room, not just a building.[1]

He is trained in unarmed combat.

He speaks at least one language other than English, possibly Spanish.[2]

Memorable QuotesEdit

Eve: Wow, she wasn't lying about your mad hacking skills.
Bosley: Okay, I'm not a fan of the h-word. It's like telling Picasso he's good at throwing paint on a canvas.[3]


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