Charlie's Angels
Season 4, Episode 19
Air date February 20, 1980
Written by Edward J. Lakso
Directed by Don Chaffey
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Dancin' Angels
An Angel's Trail


The Angels are hired to solve an electronics theft, with their client insisting on them having a partner: private eye Harry Harrigan. However, Kris has to get Harrigan off the sauce to effectively solve the case.


Client: George Starrett
Assignment: Investigate a theft.
Complication: The client was actually the criminal, and only hired the Angels because an insurance company insisted.
Romantic Entanglements: none
Outcome: Starrett and his accomplices were arrested.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Harrigan: You mean I, I, I've gotta work with girls!?

Harrigan: Hey wait a minute! I can't eat on an empty stomach!

Things of noteEdit

Guest star: Robert Englund

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