Charlie's Angels
Season 4, Episode 12
Air date December 12, 1979
Written by B.W. Sandefur
Directed by George McCowan
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Angel Hunt
Of Ghosts and Angels


Charlie's new yacht is the hiding place of a cache of gold. A cruel drug kingpin wants it back, but the Angels are in the way. Meanwhile, Bosley romances the lovely decorator of the yacht who has ties to the theft.


Client: none
Assignment: none
Complication: By random chance, Charlie's new yacht was selected by pirates to be used to rob a thief on the run from his home country.
Romantic Entanglements: Bosley dated Pat Justice before discovering that she was playing him.
Outcome: The two men who stole the yacht were killed by the criminal from whom they stole the gold. He and his men were arrested, as was Pat Justice.

Bosley BumblesEdit

An inebriated Bosley flirts with Pat for a bit while the two of them look at the empty slip on the pier before realizing that the yacht has disappeared.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Kris: Bosley, are you sure you went to the right slip?
Bosley: Of course I am sure! I am a detective! I'm trained to find things, not to lose them! You know, I cannot believe it. I lost a 100-foot yacht.

Bosley: [upon discovering dozens of gold bars aboard the yacht] Well I knew Charlie paid a lot of money for the boat but that's awfully expensive ballast!


Tiffany dangles from a line after Kelly has trouble bringing the yacht into port.

Tiffany crashes her Pinto through a garage door.


The episode spans three days.
Day 1 - Bosley meets Pat aboard the Wayward Angel then takes her for dinner. After dinner he notices that the yacht is gone.
Day 2 - The yacht reappears. Kris finds blood on the bridge. Tiffany finds gold bars in a cupboard.
Day 3 - Bosley holds a party aboard the yacht. Afterward, he and Pat are captured by General Ranez. The Angels rescue him.

Things of noteEdit

Guest Star: Beverly Garland

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