Charlie's Angels
Season 4, Episode 6
Air date October 31, 1979
Written by B.W. Sandefur
Directed by Dennis Donnelly
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Fallen Angel
Angels on the Street


Kris goes undercover in a prison to investigate a death of an inmate in one of her most taxing cases. She discovers a robbery ring while Kelly and Tiffany pose as nuns to pass on some key information.


Client: Mr. Nalon
Assignment: Investigate the death of Mr. Nalon's daughter, Amy.
Complications: Kris has to go to prison as an inmate.
Romantic Entanglements: none
Outcome: Amy's accomplices in the crime she was committing when she was killed were caught. Mr. Nalon isn't seen again after the introductory scene of the episode.

Things of NoteEdit

Guest Star: Sally Kirkland

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